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Season 5 ends December 4th

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Conditions and prizes

Author: Mysteriousracer_x

Hello pilots! Season 5 is well underway, and the admin team thought it was time for a little bit of communication


Voidstate Squadron Builder

Unfortunately, we have been seeing multiple issues recently with Voidstate Squadron Builder (http://xwing-builder.co.uk). As such, we need to suspend its use from League Play until the outstanding bugs are resolved. If you see your opponent submit a list using a builder that isn’t YASB (https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/) or Fab’s (http://x-wing.fabpsb.net/), ask your opponent to resubmit their list to you using one of those two builders.

New Addition to the Admin Team

Season 5 has proven to be the biggest and best we’ve had yet. More players than ever, better prize support, and new conditions to be achieved. Also, Earthworm got a grown up job. All that means that adds up to us being lucky enough to have VanderLegion joining the admin team. Vander will be in charge of tracking and applying prizes to participants. You’ll also see him on the #random and #leaguehelp channels, if you haven’t already. Like the rest of the admin staff, you can take what he says as an official ruling.

Waiting List Players

We have been collecting information from waiting league players, and in the coming days we will begin seeding those that have reached out to us. Additionally, we will begin the process of reaching out to and eventually replacing inactive players. I will be reaching out to players that have not completed any games towards the second half of this week. If you respond to my message, you are likely going to be fine. Players that have not completed any games, and do not respond to my message, will likely be removed from the league.

Conditions are Live

One of the most exciting additions of Season 5 is the ability for our Condition Card sponsors to create unique play conditions to be achieved by brave pilots within league matches. Those that are able to achieve one or more of the conditions will be receiving a unique X Wing Vassal League alternate art card to commemorate your success. Most of the achievements can be completed more than once, but by necessity some will end with one unique victor. Also, in a reversal of a previous decision, these conditions will be applied retroactively. If you believe you achieved one of the conditions listed in the link below, claim your victory on #conditioncards. Be sure the body of your email contains the name of the achievement, the name of the players involved (you and your opponent), your tier and division, and a vlog or screenshot proving your achievement. Also, be sure to tag the owner of the condition card, as the sponsor will be responsible for monitoring the reports relating to their own condition.

The current list of achievements can be found on our homepage, xwvassal.info

Prizes are coming, and how you can help

All of our prize support is moving along nicely (alt art cards, target locks, range rulers, and our raffle prize), but we need YOUR help with the next stage. The time has come to design our official Vassal League target locks. If you are feeling exceptionally creative, submit your design to xwingvassalleague@gmail.com for a chance to be selected. We will collect submissions until October 20th, at which point we will put the top designs to a community vote. The creator of the selected design will receive a full set of X Wing Vassal League Range Rulers (1, 1-2, and 1-3) as a prize for their contribution!