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Supporting the X-Wing Vassal league

Author: Earthworm

FIRST, NOBODY WILL EVER BE REQUIRED TO CONTRIBUTE MONEY TO PLAY IN THE LEAGUE. I have no intention of running a business, and we want this to be as open to all of our community as possible. This will function in a fashion similar to how public radio and television works here in the US, with voluntary contributions and incentives for contributing. Players who choose not to contribute will continue to play in the league in all aspects as they had before, but will miss out on these new goodies, and will have to pay for their prizes’ shipping.

Here are the contribution levels (all levels in US dollars):

Generic Pilot $3

You are a supporter of the league, and we will list your name on the website or in newsletters as such. If you win a prize that fits in a standard letter envelope (alt-arts, tokens, range 1’s and low speed maneuver templates), we’ll mail you your prizes free. If you win larger prizes that I need to send as a package, we’ll ask you to pay the difference.

Named Pilot $10

You get the same prize mailing incentives as you would at the $3 level. You also get six pairs of league-custom target lock tokens that we will be designing with Curled Paw productions.

Condition Card $30

In addition to the mailing costs and target locks, you can endow an achievement based prize- we'll work with you to set the condition and pick out an alt-art card as its prize for this season. Want to reward the player who wins the most league games with 8 Tie Fighters? This is for you. We'll ask for your help in monitoring the win conditions, but this would be a fun way of putting your name on the map and bending the meta to your will!

Epic Sponsor $100 or more

You are an institutional sponsor, your team gets a condition card, target locks and mailing, and your logo goes onto the league home page as a link to your own site AND on a custom game mat that will be included in the Vassal Module’s Map Pack. You’ll be famous!

Template Drawing

Each of your individual dollar contributions will also count as entries in a random drawing for a beautiful template set graciously donated by Magic Works Games. I really want one of those (and my FLGS group will tell you I need one, given how my templates wind up everywhere….)

A few notes of legalese: your contribution is not tax deductible and we as an organization do not have formal bylaws or governance. On the bright side, we are not, as far as I know, listed anywhere as a criminal enterprise or terrorist organization, so you probably won’t get in trouble for contributing. We have no intent of making or retaining any profits, so any money left over after recouping our costs and paying for prizes will go to more prizes, whether third party products, or actual FFG items.

Also, if you choose not to contribute, please be aware that if you do win a prize this year, we’re going to ask you to contribute a minimum of $4 for mailing, up to the cost of actually getting it in the mail. We’ll apply that extra dollar to your next season’s contribution. (We actually had an interesting economics discussion about this part. Either way, $4 for a custom can’t-get-it-anywhere-else prize is a pretty sweet deal). You can contribute by clicking on the support level you’ve chosen, or by visiting paypal.me/XWVassalLeague. Note that the account has my name on it, but it is seperate from my personal PayPal. Please do this before you fill in the season signup form, as there’ll be an optional field for you to enter the email address you used through paypal, if it differs from the one you use for the league